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Absurd is the New Normal.

Have your leftist friends become intolerant and dogmatic? Are your righty friends conspiratorial and irrational? Is your president a reality TV star? Have your experiences of global politics manifested in you a cynical perception of reality which induces existential panic and the deconstruction of the fragile framework which supports your conception of meaning and truth?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’ve come to the right podcast. Join Adam and Jon as they bring you weekly political news and in-depth reports from Europe, North America, and the World. Welcome to ABSURDISTAN!, the transatlantic political podcast where normality is absurd.

  • Bringing you in-depth discussion
    of the latest political news from
    around the world.

  • Unique opinions on the absurdity
    in which we find ourselves.

  • Forums to let listeners engage with
    us on all our episodes and special

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