April 17, 2018


The flag of Absurdistan is a horizontal tricolor of yellow, red, and yellow charged with a black DNA double helix off-centered towards the hoist and a Bald-Eagle-Winged Unicorn off-centered towards the fly.

The yellow, red, yellow tri-band is an inversion of Spain’s red, yellow, red tri-band signifying not only this podcast’s distaste for Spain’s actions in Catalonia, but also as a symbol of our commitment to calling out the hypocritical injustices perpetrated by nation-states against their own people and others.

The DNA double-helix represents our shared love of science and our dedication to explore the world for meaning and truth. The Bald-Eagle-Winged Unicorn is a combination of the national animals of our home countries: the Bald Eagle for the United States and the Unicorn for Scotland (yes it’s true, google it). The absurd creature is the national animal of Absurdistan representing the demented yet free-spirited nature by which we throw ourselves into the absurdity that is our present reality.